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New for 2014

Year of the Horse

Asian Story Theater presents two stories in its 2014 touring presentation. The Chinese zodiac provides the basis for this year’s folktale celebrating the bold and playful YEAR OF THE HORSE as one of the animals in Lunar New Year tradition. The second story features a beautiful and bittersweet Mongolian folktale about a young boy and his extraordinary horse, stolen away by the envious Warlord, but ultimately immortalized in the voice of the Morin Khuur, “horse fiddle” in Mongolian. Performance features this unique instrument performed live. (Video recording available here.)
Program sponsoered in part by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture, and the San Diego Chinese Women's Association

Do you have stories of the Sun Café?

Sun Cafe

STORIES OF THE SUN CAFE is a collaborative project being explored by ASIAN STORY THEATER in conjunction with the JAPANESE AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF SAN DIEGO and leaders of San Diego's Chinese-American community. We are looking to meet with people who have stories, either first-hand or as recounted by family members, related to the historic Sun Cafe. Did you work there, meet/eat there, remember your favorite menu item? We would also like to talk to people of Japanese or Chinese ancestry with memories of living in downtown San Diego during the 1930s, 40s or 50s. All contributions will be included in the JAHSSD archive of oral histories. To participate, or to be updates as the project evolves, send email with the subject “Sun Cafe” to There may be additional information at the website of the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego ( You might also enjoy this video from a more recent change at the cafe.



A new chapter in the ongoing development of this musical will be presented in the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival. Watch this page, or the project-specific Facebook page, for details as these become available. Click on the link in the history list (on the right) to view clips from the 2011 workshop presentation. More details about THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN are online here. Questions and comments are welcome at our Facebook page: Please check the Facebook page, or send email to Asian Story Theater to be notified as additional details are announced.

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