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STORIES OF THE SUN CAFE is a collaborative project being produced by Asian Story Theater in conjunction with leaders of San Diego's Japanese American and Chinese American communities, and co-presented with the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego (JAHSSD) and the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM). STORIES OF THE SUN CAFE are curated by Gingerlily Lowe (Asian Story Theater), Andy Lowe (East West Players), Joyce Teague (JAHSSD and Buddhist Temple of San Diego), and Murray K. Lee (San Diego Chinese Historical Museum), and is being directed by Kent Brisby.


Historical and behind-the-scenes photos are on Facebook. The June 25-28 event news is here.

To participate, or to be updated as the project evolves, send email with the subject “SUN CAFE” to There may be additional information at the websites of organizations partnering in the development of this project, so please check back for more information. In the meantime you might also enjoy this video from a more recent change at the cafe. To get the latest information, join the Asian Story Theater mailing list:

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For early spring of 2015, Asian Story Theater and Moxie Theatre co-presented the world premiere of RAM-GIRL. Family matinees were March 7, at Noon and 2pm at the Moxie Theatre, 6663 El Cajon Blvd. Special preview excerpts were presented at the Chinese New Year and Tet New Year celebrations. RAM-GIRL begins with the Chinese story/parable about a sheep, a monkey, and a rooster who are competing with each other to win a race. However, RAM-GIRL is also about a girl discovering her own identity through some unusual talents.  It's a fun family show, with sly insights into gender identity and prejudice.  The traditional Chinese symbol associated with this year of the lunar calendar is the same for sheep AND goat, and RAM-GIRL explores that literal and metaphorical uncertainty.  And because the Year of the Ram (or Goat) is traditionally associated with individuals of unusual creativity, the performance incorporates visual art and a little music created live on stage.



A new chapter in the ongoing development of this musical will be presented in the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival. Watch this page, or the project-specific Facebook page, for details as these become available. Click on the link in the history list (on the right) to view clips from the 2011 workshop presentation. More details about THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN are online here. Questions and comments are welcome at our Facebook page: Please check the Facebook page, or send email to Asian Story Theater to be notified as additional details are announced.

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Year of the Horse

Year of the Dragon
Gauguin musical
Year of the Rabbit (2011)

Return of the Monkey King (2010)
Doctor Quynh (2009)

Sea Monster (2008)

Super Shave Ice (2007)
Dear Miss Breed (2007)
Shave Ice (2006)
Then He Met a Woodcutter (2005)
Return of the Monkey King, 2005
KAHUA (2003)
Journey to the Buddha (2002)
Asian Americas (2002)
SunDance (2001)
3 Dragons (2000)
Trickster Tour (1999-2003) (
Real vs. Fake (1999)
White Snake (1998)
Myth, Magic & Mathem Tour (1997-1999)
Hanuman & the Monkey King (1997)
Fa Mu Lan (1996)
Monkey King (1995)
Tea Tour (1994)
Candlewick Fairy (1994)
Monkey King & the Spider Women, 1993
Monkey King & the Mountains of Fire, 1992
Tea Stories (1991)
Monkey King: The Journey Begins, 1991
The White Snake, 1989-90
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